SystemAutomat Fully Automatic Grinder/Polisher 12in

Designed and developed by QATM, the compact SystemAutomat completely automates the grinding and polishing aspects of the specimen preparation process.

Simple touch-screen controls access all parameters and procedures. The SystemAutomat ensures that each specimen is properly processed and guarantees reproducible results.

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  • SystemAutomat - Automated Grinder / Polisher (10 min 01 sec)

    The SystemAutomat is a fully automated sample preparation grinder / polisher. The SystemAutomat can be programmed for high volume application which ensures consistent sample preparation across a wide variety of samples.

    SystemAutomat Introduction (2 min 34 sec)

    A brief introduction to the revolutionary SystemAutomat shows the basic functionality of the unit.

    QATM Pneumatic Sample Leveling Press (1 min 30 sec)

    Take a look at the Pneumatic Sample Leveling Press by QATM. This device helps with that tricky problem of getting all your samples level in a sample holder by using 90 psi pressure to keep that sample in place! Level samples means less grinding time, saving you time and consumables.

    Custom Sample Holders (2:18)

    See examples of custom sample holders manufactured by QATM. Let us know if you're interested in designing one of your own to maximize the throughput and efficiency of your lab.

    Easy Spanner Sample Holder (1:09)

    Locking and unlocking your sample into the holder just got a lot easier. Watch how now!

    The Vario Sample Holder (2:06)

    The Vario sample holder is designed to give you maximum flexibility for working with large, unmounted samples. See how easy it can be!

  • Modular Construction

    Elements for the SystemAutomat come from the System Lab cabinets and equipment. Within the sturdy aluminium housing, it is possible to install 4 to 8 system work stations. Up to 11 different operations can be programmed and sequenced for a particular application. Options include pre-grinding, grinding and polishing as well as cleaning and drying in any combination.

    The SystemAutomat automatically proceeds from one step to the next, eliminating the manual, time-consuming task of cleaning each sample holder between steps. The SystemAutomat has a price-to-performance ratio that makes it a cost effective system, even for lower volume labs.

    Sample Holder Stack

    The sample holder racking system holds up to 12 sample holders. After starting the machine, the holders are taken out automatically for processing. After processing, the completed sample holders are returned to their original position with the polished surface facing upwards.

    Grinding and Polishing Head

    The grinding and polishing head picks up a sample holder from the stack and travels to individual work stations to perform each cycle in the proper sequence. Upon completion, the head returns the holder to the stack.

    The use of two heads allows simultaneous grinding and polishing and optimizes the SystemAutomat when preparing multiple specimen holders.

    Grinding and Polishing Stations

    The SystemAutomat is constructed with stations for complete materialographic operations from planar grinding through intermediate steps and final polishing. All stations are integrated into the system. The grinding and polishing discs are fixed onto the working wheels by using a vacuum (Vacu-Jet System) or magnetic disc system.

    Each station can be configured for specific abrasive requirements. Water, diamond suspensions, diamond lubricant and oxide dispensing are fully integrated and controlled via programming. Grinding and polishing stations can also include fully automatic protective covers to maintain a clean work environment.

    Foil Changer

    In the storage elevator, there are four compartments for disposable grinding discs, such as SiC paper. The vacuum exchange arm grips the pre-selected SiC paper and places it onto the wheel. The Vacu-Jet system then operates immediately, securing the disc to the platen automatically. When finished, the used grinding paper is discarded.

    Surface Grinding Station

    The high speed grinding station planes the surface of the sample very quickly using an abrasive stone. The fully enclosed stone has an integrated recirculation coolant system in the cabinet. SiC and Al2O3 grinding stones are kept flat by an automatic diamond dressing device with adjustable dressing depths and intervals. For diamond grinding disc applications, a cup-wheel is available for dressing the diamond surface.

    Warm Air Drying

    After final cleaning, a programmable warm air blower dries the samples with the polished side upwards. Then the dry samples are stored in the sample stack.

    High Speed Cleaning Station

    The cleaning station enables a fully automatic cleaning of the sample. The multi-step cleaning is carried out with water, air and alcohol. Cleaning times and steps are completely adjustable as needed.

    Ultrasonic Cleaning Station

    The ultrasonic cleaning station provides intermediate or final cleaning. Cleaning time and sequence is easily programmable. The cleaning tank includes heating with variable temperature control. A recirculation filter system, which lengthens the useful life of the cleaning fluid and optimizes the final result, is also available.

    Touch Screen Control

    Simple operation with drag-and-drop graphical touch-screen controls at the central panel that can slide to any work station. For each step, the screen shows a graphical representation of the working position. It is possible to follow the processing sequence in real time. The process sequence can be stored and then recalled as a complete program. A large number of programs can be stored and then recalled as needed.

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