Saphir 375 Stone Grinder

The QATM Stone Grinder is a water cooled, high speed machine for quickly plane grinding samples in a specimen holder. The coarse grit grinding stone turns at 1700 rpm to plane grind a typical batch of samples in less than 30 seconds. Both mounted and unmounted specimens are easy work for this high speed machine.

The system is designed to give the operator total control of the parameters, including the diamond dressing tool's interval, depth and speed at which it dresses the stone. Grinding depth (Z-axis) is programmable allowing the operator to remove the desired amount of material for any sample batch to within 0.1 mm accuracy.

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  • Overview of SA375.3 Stone Grinder (3:56)

    Join us for a brief overview of the SA375.3 Stone Grinder by QATM

    QATM Pneumatic Sample Leveling Press (1 min 30 sec)

    Take a look at the Pneumatic Sample Leveling Press by QATM. This device helps with that tricky problem of getting all your samples level in a sample holder by using 90 psi pressure to keep that sample in place! Level samples means less grinding time, saving you time and consumables.

    Custom Sample Holders (2:18)

    See examples of custom sample holders manufactured by QATM. Let us know if you're interested in designing one of your own to maximize the throughput and efficiency of your lab.

    Easy Spanner Sample Holder (1:09)

    Locking and unlocking your sample into the holder just got a lot easier. Watch how now!

    The Vario Sample Holder (2:06)

    The Vario sample holder is designed to give you maximum flexibility for working with large, unmounted samples. See how easy it can be!

  • Graphical Touch Screen

    Control Panel provides complete process control and programmability. Grinding depth, time, force and head speed are easily programmed using the graphical touch screen control panel.

    SystemLab Furniture

    The Stone Grinder is built in a floor standing SystemLab cabinet, which provides convenient storage of the recirculation system.

  • Specifications

    Grinding Stone:

    350 mm / 14" Diameter

    Grinding Stone Speed:

    Fixed, 1,700 rpm with 480V
    Fixed, 1,695 rpm with 220V

    Controlled Removal:

    Variable, 0.1mm Accuracy

    Grinding Head Speed:

    Variable, 30 - 150 rpm

    Central Pressure:

    50 - 400 N

    Sample Holder Capacity:

    160 - 204 mm diameter
    1 - 12 samples / holder

    Dressing Device:

    Automatic, Enclosed

    Dressing Speed:

    Variable 20 - 100%

    Dressing Depth:


    Dressing Interval Modes:

    1) User - set by you
    2) Automatic - machine sets
    3) Permanent - continuous

    Recirculating System:

    45L / 12 Gallons


    5.4 HP


    480V / 60 Hz, 3 Phase
    220V / 60 Hz, 3 Phase

    Dimensions WxHxD:

    35 x 56 x 32"


    500 lbs

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