Qpress 50 (Opal X-Press) Modular Mounting Press 25-50mm

The Qpress 50 (Opal X-Press) is a state of the art modular hot mounting press for metallographic sample preparation. Up to 4 individually controlled mounting cylinders are controlled by 1 machine allowing multiple users to create different sized mounts at once (sizes: 25.2 - 50 mm).

A unique sliding top closure makes it incredibly easy to load/unload your samples. Advanced pre-heat functions keep the press ready to go and optimized heating elements reduce cycle times. The optional Dust Guard vacuum system benefits lab air quality when loading the powder into the machine.

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    See all the unique features of the Qpress 50 (Opal X-Press)!

  • Modular design, supports up to 4 individual cylinders

    The Qpress 50 (Opal X-Press) is available in two different basic units: Qpress 50-2 and Qpress 50-4. These basic units include one pressing unit.

    The Qpress 50-2 (Opal X-Press) can be extended with 1 additional mounting unit.

    The Qpress 50-4 (Opal X-Press) can be extended with up to 3 additional mounting units.

    These additional units can be operated independently and simultaneously. Mount sizes supported are:

    • 25.2 mm
    • 30 mm
    • 1.25" (32 mm)
    • 1.5" (38 mm)
    • 40 mm
    • 50 mm

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    Unique sliding closure

    One handed operation of the sliding closure reduces setup time and is incredibly easy to use.

    One of a kind Dust Guard vacuum system

    The optional Dust Guard vacuum system helps improve the air quality while loading the mounting powder into the cylinder. The Dust Guard system is controlled by the 7" color touch screen control panel.

    Magnetic mounting powder catch tray

    The unique sliding closure doubles as a broom that sweeps excess mounting powder into a magnetic catch tray that is easily removable for cleaning.

    Working with Heat-Treated Materials

    For a quick look at the history and current methods of preparing heat-treated samples, download a free copy of this QATM technical paper. A Qpress 50 Mounting Press and Mager consumables are your keys to simple & fast preparation and error-free surface inspection.

    Click the cover image to download your PDF copy. You can also Request a Consultation with one of our technical specialists.

    Other features

    • 4 different pressure modes
    • Several cooling modes
    • Pre-heat temperature can be set manually
    • 7" touch screen user interface with intuitive QATM user software
    • User account management with different access rights
    • Pre-installed preparation methods and consumables
    • Store up to 200 user-defined preparation methods
    • Create your own maintenance reminders/alerts within the software
    • Powder coated aluminum housing
  • Specifications

    Thermostat range:

    20 - 200°C

    Max pressure (depending on mold size):

    250 - 320 bar

    Heating power (both units):

    1200 W

    Heating time:


    Cooling time:


    Master unit WxHxD:

    402 x 382 x 563 mm
    15.8 x 15 x 22.2"

    Master unit weight:

    110 lbs (50 kg)

    Pressing unit WxHxD:

    187 x 382 x 449 mm
    7.4 x 15 x 17.7"

    Pressing unit weight:

    93 lbs (42 kg)

    Power (both):

    110V 60 Hz, 1 Phase
    220V 60 Hz 1 Phase


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