Qpol 300 M2 Grinder / Polisher 10-12in

The Qpol 300 M2 is a manual, dual-wheel grinding and polishing machine for working wheels Ø 250/300 mm featuring co- and contra-rotation of the working wheel. The shock-resistant plastic basin, powder coated Aluminium housing and high standard of technology inside the unit lend the requisites for quiet and smooth running and optimum preparation results.

The optional Qpol GO grinding/polishing head enables the perfect introduction to automatic sample preparation. It can be combined with QATM’s single and dual wheel grinder/polishers: the Qpol 250 and Qpol 300 M series.

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  • Qpol 300 M Series Overview (4 min 58 sec)

    With this short demonstration filmed at QATM's factory in Germany, explore all the great features of the Qpol 300 M series!

    Qpol Go Product Presentation (4 min 20 sec)

    See how the optional Qpol GO grinding/polishing head operates in this demonstration at QATM headquarters.

  • Optional Manual Dosing

    The external Qdoser Go (Topas M) dosing unit can be used with any grinder/polisher but when tethered to the Qpol M series grinder/polishers the power to the unit will automatically be toggled on/off.

    • Four 500 ml glass bottles with screw caps can hold either 3 x suspension and 1x lubricant or 4 x all-in-one suspension
    • Suspension can be replenished during operation if needed
    • The bottles are easily removed for cleaning
    • A backflush function keeps the dosing lines clean
    • Dosing intervals are manually set on the control panel

    topas m dosing

    topas m dosing

    topas m dosing

    Give your cleaning a Boost

    The Boost feature gives you a short burst of 750 RPM at the end of a grinding procedure to shake any excess water off your grinding discs and also powers off the grinding/polishing cycle.

  • Specifications

    Working wheels:

    250 or 300 mm diameter

    Wheel Speed:

    30 – 600 rpm


    110 V / 60 Hz, 1 Phase
    220 V / 60 Hz, 1 Phase

    W x H x D:

    35.5 x 10.5 x 28"


    110 lbs (approx.)

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