Qpol 300 A1-ECO Grinder / Polisher 10-12in

The Qpol 300 A1-ECO is a single-wheel grinding and polishing machine for working wheels Ø 250/300 mm which is conveniently operated by a 4.3" color touch screen. Entire preparation methods may be edited, stored, and protected by a user account management. Pressure, speed, and rotational direction of the polishing head are adjustable in the software. The optional Qdoser ECO (Topas ECO) dosing system provides automatic and programmable dosing that is controlled by the grinder/polisher touch screen.

QATM offers the same great features in both the Qpol 250 (8-10in format) and Qpol 300 (10-12in format) grinder/polishers.

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  • Qpol A-ECO (Saphir A-Eco) Series Overview (3 min 49 sec)

    The Qpol 300 A1-ECO, 10-12in, offers all the same great features available on the Qpol 250 A1-ECO, 8-10in. Learn more in this short video!

    QATM Pneumatic Sample Leveling Press (1 min 30 sec)

    Take a look at the Pneumatic Sample Leveling Press by QATM. This device helps with that tricky problem of getting all your samples level in a sample holder by using 90 psi pressure to keep that sample in place! Level samples means less grinding time, saving you time and consumables.

  • Optional Automatic Dosing

    The external Qdoser ECO (Topas Eco) dosing unit can be added to the grinder/polisher at any time and is automatically controlled by the color touch screen panel.

    • Four 500 ml glass bottles with screw caps can hold either 3 x suspension and 1x lubricant or 4 x all-in-one suspension
    • Suspension can be replenished during operation if needed
    • The bottles are easily removed for cleaning
    • A backflush function keeps the dosing lines clean
    • An optional magnetic stirrer helps keep your diamond suspended

    topas eco

    topas eco

    Operating Convenience

    The grinding/polishing head has a recessed grip on each side for 1 and 2 handed operation:

    • 2 hands needed to raise or lower the head into position
    • 1 hand needed to swivel head left or right

    When the head is fully raised, there is ample space for easy sample holder removal.

    topas eco

    Give your cleaning a Boost

    The Boost feature gives you a short burst of 750 RPM at the end of a grinding procedure to shake any excess water off your grinding discs. This feature can be turned on/off for any step in your program.

    Easy to Use

    Programmable LCD Display provides control of force, RPM, time, dosing and storage of programs for exact repeatability.

    4.3 screen

    user access control

    User Access Controls

    You have the ability to control who can alter program or machine settings by assigning a login and password for customized levels of control.

    Create Custom Maintenance Reminders

    With the advanced software of the Qpol 300 Series, operators can create custom maintenance alerts for routine tasks.

    Pre-defined Preparation Methods

    All standard preparation methods for commonly used materials, including the respective consumables, are already pre-installed. It is possible to store up to 200 user-defined methods.

  • Specifications

    Working wheels:

    250 or 300 mm diameter

    Wheel Speed:

    30 – 600 rpm

    Single Pressure:

    1 – 5 samples, max. Ø 40 mm

    Head Speed:

    30 – 160 rpm

    Single Pressure Downforce:

    5 – 100 N

    Central Pressure Downforce:

    20 – 350 N


    110 V / 60 Hz, 1 Phase
    220 V / 60 Hz, 1 Phase

    W x H x D:

    20 x 10.5 x 28"


    160 lbs

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