Q10 M Manual Micro Hardness Tester

The Q10 M is a manual micro hardness tester for performing Vickers, Knoop or light load Brinell micro hardness testing on mounted or unmounted samples. The M model version means the unit does not come equipped with an 18 MP color overview camera system. Users must manually move the stage for positioning of indents (digital micrometer stages available), then an automatic indent and measurement is carried out automatically for each individually. Results are aggregated in the Qpix T2 software for reporting and analysis.

An ultra-precise load cell controls the test force for reliable micro hardness testing results between 50 grams and 10 kg. An optional test force extension can take the test force down to 0.25 grams. A motorized 6 place turret is freely configurable to optimize the mix of indenters (Vickers / Knoop / Brinell) and objectives specific to your application.

  • Specs
  • Test Parameters

    Vickers Tests
    (DIN EN ISO 6507, ASTM E-384, ASTM E92):

    With optional test load extension:
    HV 0.00025, HV 0.005, HV 0.001, HV 0.002, HV 0.005, HV 0.01, HV 0.02, HV 0.025

    With standard test loads:
    HV 0.05, HV 0.1, HV 0.2, HV 0.3, HV 0.5, HV 1, HV 2, HV 3, HV 5, HV 10

    Knoop Tests
    (DIN EN ISO 4545, ASTM E-384, ASTM E92):

    With optional test load extension:
    HK 0.00025, HK 0.0005, HK 0.001, HK 0.002, HK 0.003, HK 0.005, HK 0.01, HK 0.02, HK 0.025

    With standard test loads:
    HK 0.05, HK 0.1, HK 0.2, HK 0.3, HK 0.5, HK 1, HK 2

    Brinell Tests
    (DIN EN ISO 6506, ASTM E-10):

    HBW 1/1, HBW 1/2.5, HBW 1/5, HBW 1/10

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