Q10 CHD Master Automatic Micro Hardness Tester

The Q10 CHD Master is a fully automatic micro hardness tester for performing Vickers micro hardness testing on 1 mounted or unmounted sample at a time. The Q10 CHD Master is a special machine and software configuration meant to provide an entry into automatic micro hardness testing. Users can perform multiple traverses on a single sample, but you are limited to 1 sample at a time on the stage. There is also no overview camera system available on this model.

An ultra-precise load cell controls the test force for reliable micro hardness testing results between 50 grams and 10 kg.

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  • Amazing 3D CAD User Interface

    Intuitive, structured and professional. The Qpix Control2 software ushers in a new generation of hardness testing software. It has been developed based on customer input and feedback to guarantee maximum user-friendliness. Extensive use of 3D CAD drawings provide the user with a unique experience that is easy to follow.

    Auto-stop vs. Test All Points

    Users are in total control of how the micro hardness tester performs its testing. When using Auto-stop, the tester will indent, then read, then indent, then read, allowing the test to stop once a specific hardness value is reached. Users can also program the number of indents to perform after this limit has been hit. The other method is to perform all indents first, then optically read all. The choice is yours.

    Auto-Snap and Edge Recognition

    Auto-Snap is a standard feature for quickly creating test patterns. Simply drag the pattern close to the sample edge and the software will automatically align the traverse.

    edge recognition example

    Closed Loop Load Cell

    Electronically controlled test forces ensure quick and precise hardness testing as well as rapid test method changeover (maintenance free) and automatic

    Closed Loop Load Cell

    6 Place Motorized Turret

    6 Place Motorized Turret

    The 6 place motorized turret is standard in all models and offers space for various objectives.

  • Test Parameters

    Vickers Tests
    (DIN EN ISO 6507, ASTM E-384, ASTM E92):

    HV 0.05, HV 0.1, HV 0.2, HV 0.3, HV 0.5, HV 1, HV 2, HV 3, HV 5, HV 10

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