Qdoser ECO (Topas ECO) Automatic Dosing System

The Qdoser ECO (Topas ECO) fully automatic dosing unit is designed for use with the Qpol 250 A (Saphir 250 A) series automatic grinding/polishing machines and seamlessly fits into the design line. The doser can be added anytime and is controlled/programmed via the grinder/polisher touch screen. Four 500 ml glass bottles can be filled through a separate lid with diamond suspension, even during operation, and can be quickly removed for easy cleaning. After manual activation, a backflushing function keeps all the hoses clean. Designed for use with diamond suspension and lubricants only.

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  • Fully Automatic Dosing

    The dosing nozzles of the Qdoser ECO (Topas ECO) are easily attached to the grinding and polishing head of the Qpol ECO (Saphir ECO), allowing you to add automatic dosing at any point in the future. The dosing is controlled fully automatically by the Qpol 250 A-ECO software, allowing you to save different dosing parameters for different programs.

    Suspension Tank

    The durable glass bottles have a capacity of 500 ml and may be filled through a separate inlet in the lid any time once they have been inserted, even during operation. They automatically lock into place when being inserted and are easily removed. The wide mouth bottles are easily cleaned.

    Optional Magnetic Stirrer

    The automatic stirring of the suspensions by a magnetic stirrer ensures optimum distribution of the abrasive particles in the suspension before use. The control of the optional magnetic stirrer is integrated in the Qpol 250 A (Saphir 250 A) machine series and the speed can be varied as required with a knob on the back of the machine.

    magnetic stirrer

  • Specifications


    Supplied by the Grinder/Polisher machine

    # of Bottles:


    Capacity / Bottle:

    500 ml

    Usable Liquids:

    4x diamond suspension + lubricant
    3x diamond suspension / 1x lubricant
    Not intended for silica or alumina suspensions!


    6.2 x 8.8 x 27 in
    157 x 223 x 686 mm


    20 lbs
    9 kg

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