Qcut 800 A (Brillant 2000) Automatic Cut Off Saw 24-32in

The industrial wet cut-off saw Qcut 800 A (Brillant 2000) meets the highest of demands on space available and possibilities for cutting with its innovative concept for design, construction and operation.

A water-cooled 30 kW main motor is integrated into the swivel arm and the automatic horizontal (X-axis) and cut-off cut (Y-axis) can reach up to 100 mm/sec. through highly dynamic axis drives in rapid-run.

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  • Overview of Qcut 800 A (BR2000) Cut Off Saw (3 min 20 sec)

    Join Rod Bentz for a quick overview of the Qcut 800 A (BR2000) industrial cut off saw. See the Qcut 600 A video for a more in-depth discussion of all the features these saws share.

    Overview of Qcut 600 A (BR285) Cut off Saw (7 min 49 sec)

    All of the features from the Qcut 600 A (BR285) are included on the Qcut 800 A (BR2000). Filmed at the manufacturer in Germany, join Garry for a thorough walkthrough of all the amazing features of the Qcut 600 A.

    Cross Vise (37 sec)

    View the Cross Vise by QATM GmbH, for use in metallographic cut off saws. Presented by Mager Scientific.

    Vertical Clamp With Bar Supports (26 sec)

    Supports are available to help keep bar stock in position during the cut.

    Easy Clamping System (1 min 27 sec)

    Watch this QATM-produced video to see how easy it is to configure the Easy Clamping System to meet your clamping needs.

    Fast Lock Vises (46 sec)

    See the basic, yet highly functional Fast Lock Vises for cut off saws.

    X-Clamp (1 min 6 sec)

    The X-Clamp is an excellent vise when clamping irregular parts within the cut off saw.

    Vertical Clamp With Height Extenders (47 sec)

    Easily adjust the height of your standard vertical clamp with QATM GmbH's Easy Base and Height Extenders.

    Small Bar Stock Clamp (37 sec)

    Rotatable clamp designed for small diameter bar stock.

    Vertical Spanner Clamp (1 min 5 sec)

    The vertical spanner clamp is a must-have if you are sectioning rings or other specimens that have a ring shape.

  • Z-Axis

    With a totally new approach with the automatic cross-feed (Z-axis) through the swing arm, the cutting chamber is ideally put to use. Parallel setting of the wheel guard during vertical cutting sequences increases the cutting capacity considerably.

    Easy Access

    The large wheel and side door with safety lock for large cut-off movements enable best-possible access to the large machine table with longitudinal and cross T-slots.

    Integrated Design

    Re-circulatory cooling and automatic central lubrication are integrated into the robust welded steel construction body of the machine.


    Touch-Screen display for the QATM Software control is easy to read thanks to smart-phone optics and even easier to operate.

    Compact program sequences are easy to compile with Drag&Drop and thereby enable automated program sequences. An unlimited number of password-secured program sequences can be updated and backed-up via USB.


    A wide range of cutting procedures is at your disposal for the very best cutting results. Through the combination of this arbitrary range of positions, series cuts or differing cut sequences can be made into reality - all made possible by such a large variety of positions. The cutting process is rightly supported by the regulatory cut-off wheel revolutions which can be held constant through an optional wheel measurement facility. The cutting force-related feeder regulation and soft approach control serve additionally for an economical cutting feed. A performance chart in the display takes you through the cutting process. Manual control commands in the X-/Z-/Y-axes are also possible using an industrial joystick. User-friendly features are rounded off by an operator console which can be slid either to left or the right.

    Cut Optimization

    In addition to the type of cut, variable pulse or saw-cut feed can also be selected. Rhythmic pulsed feed demands regular cooling and clearance of the cutting interface. The saw-cut is extra gentle through point-wise contact.

    Rotational Feed

    As optional extra - the standard feed can be expanded horizontally or vertically with rotational tools and controlled, i.e. driven by the software.

    Laser Alignment Aid

    An optional line laser helps to get an exact cut positioning by visually showing the direction of cut.


    All abrasive cut off saws manufactured by QATM are designed to give you the ultimate in precision.

    The optional laser alignment tool aids in the precision of the section.

    Operators of all strengths can replace the cut off wheel with the Easy Nut system.

    Bright LED lights illuminate the cutting chamber.

    Heavy Duty Construction

    All abrasive cut off saws manufactured by QATM are made with the highest quality components.

    The exterior bodies are made of thick, powder coated aluminum.

    Cutting tables are made of stainless steel, as are the unique sliding hood doors.

    With normal maintenance and care, QATM's abrasive cut off saws are built to last and will prove to be a worthy investment for any company.

    Safety is Top of Mind

    All metallographic wet abrasive cut off saws manufactured by QATM are closed systems with safety glass.

    All models will not begin operation until the doors are closed. The doors cannot be reopened until the blade stops rotating.

    All models have an emergency stop button.

  • Specifications

    Max Cut Capacity:

    225 mm / 8.85" Diameter with 24" wheel
    295 mm / 11.6" Diameter with 32" wheel

    Max Wheel Size:

    600 mm / 24" Diameter
    800 mm / 32" Diameter

    Arbor Size:

    32 mm / 1¼"
    40 mm Optional

    Table Size:

    1150 x 800 mm / 45.27 x 31.5"

    T-slot Size:

    12 mm

    Front to Back Table Movement (X-axis):

    700 mm / 27.55" Travel

    Vertical Wheel Movement (Y-axis):

    450 mm / 17.71"

    Left to Right Table Movement (Z-axis):

    700 mm / 27.55"

    Feed Rate:

    0.001–50 mm/sec

    Automatic Cutting Wheel Measurement Tool (option):


    Automatic Central Greasing:


    Pulsed Cutting:


    Laser Alignment (option):



    30 kW, S1-mode

    Motor Speed:

    Variable 1000-2000 rpm


    480 V / 60 Hz, 3 Phase

    W x H x D:

    87 x 86 x 74"


    7716 lbs

    Recirc System:

    220 L / 58 Gallons

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