Qcut 250 A (Brillant 240) Semi-Automatic Cut Off Saw 10in

The Qcut 250 A (Brillant 240) is a metallographic wet abrasive cut off saw capable of semi-automatic or classic manual chop saw cutting.

A 10" (254 mm) cut off wheel allows samples up to 3.75" (95 mm) to be sectioned. A unique wheel guard rotates as the wheel is lowered to maximize cutting capacity and usage of the cut off wheel.

Automatic cross feed can be added for precise serial parallel sections.

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  • Qcut 250 A (BR240) Cut Off Saw Overview (2 min 32 sec)

    Take a look at the up-to-date features of the QATM Qcut 250 A (BR240) metallographic cut off saw.

    Easy Clamping System (1 min 27 sec)

    Watch this QATM-produced video to see how easy it is to configure the Easy Clamping System to meet your clamping needs.

    Fast Lock Vises (46 sec)

    See the basic, yet highly functional Fast Lock Vises for cut off saws.

    X-Clamp (1 min 6 sec)

    The X-Clamp is an excellent vise when clamping irregular parts within the cut off saw.

    Vertical Clamp With Height Extenders (47 sec)

    Easily adjust the height of your standard vertical clamp with QATM GmbH's Easy Base and Height Extenders.

    Small Bar Stock Clamp (37 sec)

    Rotatable clamp designed for small diameter bar stock.

    Vertical Spanner Clamp (1 min 5 sec)

    The vertical spanner clamp is a must-have if you are sectioning rings or other specimens that have a ring shape.

  • Program. Repeat. Automate.

    Programming the cut off saw is easy and intuitive using the large 7" color touch screen control panel. Repeatable results are achieved through programs that are saved and can be password protected.

    The optional table cross feed motion (Z axis) is controlled by the color touch screen.

    Routine maintenance tasks can be logged in the software such as changing out the coolant, lubricating the table or other scheduled maintenance tasks.


    All metallographic wet abrasive cut off saws manufactured by ATM are designed to give you the ultimate in precision.

    On the Qcut 250 A (Brillant 240), you can slow the table feed rate down to 0.1 mm/sec and the automatic crossfeed table travel offers precision to 0.1 mm.

    The manual chop saw lever utilizes a precise set of gears that results in an extremely smooth manual cutting process.

    The manual chop saw lever can be easily locked into position with one hand by using the thumb button to electromechanically engage the brake.

    The optional laser alignment tool aids in the precision of the section.

    Operators of all strengths can replace the cut off wheel with the Easy Nut system.

    Bright LED lights illuminate the cutting chamber.

    Automatic Cutting Mode

    Easily perform automatic X-cuts by lowering the wheel to the desired position and locking it into place. Then the table automatically drives the part through the cut off wheel.

    Use pulse cutting to gently section your samples by letting the table pull the part away from the wheel and allowing the coolant to flush debris away and keep your part cool.

    With the spacious cutting chamber and 8.8" (225 mm) of table travel you can perform longitudinal cuts.

    Manual Cutting Mode

    Simply use the manual chop saw lever to quickly perform a smooth Y-cut.

    Enhance your efficiency by using the optional cross feed table to perform parallel cross sections.

    Our extensive catalog of innovative clamping devices can also decrease your time spent repositioning your samples between sections.

    Ports on both sides of the saw allow for sectioning of extremely long parts

    Working with Heat-Treated Materials

    For a quick look at the history and current methods of preparing heat-treated samples, download a free copy of this QATM technical paper. Qcut saws and Mager consumables are your keys to simple & fast preparation and error-free surface inspection.

    Click the cover image to download your PDF copy. You can also Request a Consultation with one of our technical specialists.

    Heavy Duty Construction

    All abrasive cut off saws manufactured by QATM are made with the highest quality components.

    The exterior bodies are made of thick, powder coated aluminum.

    Cutting tables are made of stainless steel, as are the unique sliding hood doors.

    With normal maintenance and care, QATM's abrasive cut off saws are built to last and will prove to be a worthy investment for any company.

    Safety is Top of Mind

    All metallographic wet abrasive cut off saws manufactured by QATM are closed systems with safety glass.

    All models will not begin operation until the doors are closed. The doors cannot be reopened until the blade stops rotating.

    All models have an emergency stop button.

  • Specifications

    Max Cut Capacity:

    3.75" (95 mm) with 10" wheel

    Max Wheel Size:

    10" (254 mm) diameter

    Arbor Size:

    32 mm / 1¼"

    Table Size:

    With Z: 11.8 x 10.6" (300 x 270 mm)
    Without Z: 14.9 x 10.6" (380 x 270 mm)

    T-slot Size:

    12 mm

    Front to Back Table Movement (X-axis):

    8.8" (225 mm)

    Vertical Wheel Movement (Y-axis):

    6.6" (170 mm)

    Left to Right Table Movement (Z-axis):

    4.7" (120 mm)

    Pulse Cutting:

    Yes, user controls the distance forward and back

    Automatic Feed Speed Range:

    0.1 - 40 mm/sec

    Laser Alignment (option):



    4 HP

    Motor Speed:

    Fixed: 3100 rpm


    220 V / 60 Hz, 3 Phase
    480 V / 60 Hz, 3 Phase

    W x H x D:

    37 x 27 x 30" (925 x 676 x 756 mm)


    287 lbs (130 kg)

    Recirc System:

    45 L / 12 Gallons

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