N-STORM Super Resolution Microscope

by Nikon

N-STORM is a new super-resolution digital microscope system that combines "Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy" technology (licensed from Harvard University) and Nikon's Eclipse Ti research inverted microscope. N-STORM super-resolution microscope provides dramatically enhanced resolution that is 10 times or better than that of conventional optical microscopes and will be capable of multi-spectral two-dimensional and three-dimensional nanoscopy, with lateral resolution to approximately 20nm and axial resolution to approximately 50nm, extending the role of the optical microscope to near molecular level resolution.

Better Resolution than Conventional Optical Microscopes

STORM differs from conventional fluorescence microscopy in that it does not observe all the fluorescently labeled molecules on the sample at the same time, but activates only a very low percentage at any one given time. Repeating this process and acquiring multiple frames in which the molecules are localized with nanometer accuracy results in a final Super-Resolution image.

Image Construction by Overlaying Single Molecule Images

"STORM" is a new technology that reconstructs high resolution fluorescence images (2D or 3D) from localization information of fluorophores detected with high accuracy and calculated from multiple exposures. This technique generates much more detailed information and goes one step further, from structural to molecular understanding of the specimen.

Three-dimensional Information Capability

"STORM" reconstructs nanoscale resolution fluorescence images in 3D from localization information of fluorophores detected in the z-axis with high accuracy and calculated from multiple exposures. Just as single molecules can be localized in the x-y dimension, the N-STORM 3D component can localize the same single molecule along the z-axis providing high accuracy 3D super-resolution imaging.

Unique Multi-color Technology

An assortment of organic dyes enables multi-color imaging. These are unique probes which are photo-activated at a shorter wavelength with respect to their peak excitation and emission. Initially these probes are in the inactivated state, but then they are excited by radiation of a specific wavelength of light, allowing them to fluoresce. This allows each fluorophore to be optically resolvable from the rest so multiple images can be compiled for the final image.

Simple, Flexible Configuration

The Nikon standard stock hardware configuration makes N-STORM extremely multi-user friendly. This also means that Super-Resolution can be added to the market-leading Nikon Ti-E inverted microscope or the new A1R confocal microscope system to provide easily adapted multi-modal configurations.

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