Marana Vacuum Cooled sCMOS

by Andor

Marana is Andor’s high performance sCMOS camera platform for Astronomy and Physical Sciences, featuring 95% Quantum Efficiency (QE) and market-leading vacuum cooling to -45 °C. The platform offers solutions for large field of view and high-speed imaging/spectroscopy.

  • 95% QE & -45 °C cooling - most sensitive back-illuminated sCMOS available
  • 4.2 Megapixel / up to 32mm sensor – perfect for astronomy
  • Up to 74 fps full frame (faster with ROI) – track fast events without smear
  • > 99.7% linearity – superb quantitative accuracy across full dynamic range
  • Vacuum longevity & quality – no moisture on sensor, no QE decay

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