High-Definition HD-310U HD Microscope Camera

by Dage

The HD-310U is an innovative HD brightfield microscopy camera designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use. The HD-310U has a direct HDMI output that eliminates the need for a computer or it can connect via USB 3.0 for computer imaging (simultaneous viewing of USB & HDMI!).

  • Cost-effective, high quality solution.
  • New CMOS sensor provides increased sensitivity for brightfield and fluorescence applications
  • HDMI live output operates at 60fps – ideal for applications that don’t require a computer (conference rooms, classrooms, etc.)
  • Five customizable memory settings for ease of use
  • Exceptional color reproduction. Color calibration utilizing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue (CMYRGB) for 6 color accuracy vs RGB.
  • No image compression, stretching, black bars, or cropping
  • USB 3.0 output provides full HD computer imaging at 60 fps
  • Exceptional white-balance and color reproduction – 12 color accuracy
  • MagicApp image capture software included for simple image acquisition – no training required!
  • DageCapture and HD-Stream software available for additional software imaging capabilities
  • One (1) year parts and labor warranty.

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