CM-8591 Cure Quick Hardener 500 ml

by Mager

The Cure epoxy system uses one low viscosity resin (CM-8510 or CM-8520) and your choice of two hardeners for fast (this one!) or slow (CM-8562) curing applications. The mixing ratio is 26.4 grams of cure to 100 grams of resin. Heat to 80 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Samples will be hard, flat, and suitable for grinding & polishing with a clear finish. Excellent edge retention and preserves coating integrity for coated samples. Alternate use of Cure Quick: for large samples exceeding 50mm in diameter, prepare with quick-cure at room-temperature for 24 hours, then heat to 80 degrees Celsius for one hour. This allows preparation of very large samples without risk of fire (disclaimer: always consult your lab supervisor before playing with fire). Suitable for use with etchants. Hazardous shipping fee applies

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