Zyla 5.5 Monochrome Cooled sCMOS

by Andor

Zyla 5.5 is a large field of view, high resolution 5.5 megapixel sCMOS camera, ideal for research and OEM usage. Zyla 5.5 offers a 100 fps frame rate and ultra-low noise performance, in a light, compact design. A highly cost-effective USB 3.0 version is available, offering up to 40 fps (full frame) and industry fastest ROI speeds, representing the ideal performance upgrade for your lab.

  • 5 Megapixel, 6.5 µm pixel – 22 mm diagonal
  • 0.9 e- read noise
  • 60% QE
  • 100 fps Camera Link; 40 fps from USB 3.0

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