Hardness Testing Equipment by QATM GmbH

Qness GmbH, now combined with ATM to form QATM, has manufactured hardness testing equipment in Austria since 2010. Today, as part of the Verder Scientific family, QATM hardness testers comprise one of the most highly acclaimed lines in the world. Innovation, quality and flexibility are the principles that drive QATM to establish new standards in the field of hardness testing. Mager Scientific is your exclusive source for QATM hardness testing equipment in the United States.

Advanced Automation Machines

Qness 60 A Plus EVO Micro Hardness Tester

Qness 150 A Plus Rockwell Hardness Tester

Custom Universal Hardness Testing Machines

Custom In-line Production Hardness Testing

From concept to installation, let Mager Scientific help you automate your in-line production testing. Solutions can adapt to existing conveyor belt systems and can also provide automated milling + hardness testing.

There are 3 basic frame types for Micro Hardness Testing: M Frame - user manually moves the stage; A Frame - automatic stage movement, no overview camera; and A Plus - automatic stage movement, with overview camera. 

Choose from the CS ECO and R frames for semiautomatic Rockwell testing, or from the A/A Plus range to add an automatic X/Y stage.

Choose from three basic styles of Universal Hardness Testing frames: C/CS - classic pedestal raises from the bottom; M - flat anvil base with hand crank to raise/lower the head; E - flat anvil base with electronic control to raise/lower the head.