Qness 150 CS ECO Semi-Automatic Rockwell Tester

The Rockwell hardness tester Qness 150 CS ECO is part of the QATM ECO product line and combines high-quality workmanship with maximum operation simplicity. Product advantages include a large test force range (1 kg - 250 kg), a direct depth gauging system, a welded steel frame, integrated LED workspace lighting, and a capacitive 7” touch screen display.

The proven concept with fixed test head and up/down moving spindle has been standard in Rockwell hardness testing for many decades and is ideally suited for small to medium-sized test pieces and application in almost any work surroundings. The characteristic "C" shaped machine frame in robust and compact design (“S” for “small”) gives the product its name.

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  • Qness 150 CS ECO Semi-Automatic Rockwell Tester - Introduction Video (2 min 11 sec)

    Meet the machine! This brief video showcases the major features on QATM's Qness 150 CS ECO Rockwell hardness testers.

    Qness ECO Rockwell Hardness Tester - Removeable Downholder Feature (49 sec)

    With QATM's Rockwell tester, there is no need for long retooling breaks due to inaccessible test points.

    Qness ECO Rockwell Hardness Tester - Clamping Preview (29 sec)

    Take a sneak peek at some of the available clamping options for the Qness 150 CS ECO Rockwell tester.

  • Test Parameters

    Rockwell Test Methods
    (DIN EN ISO 6508, ASTM E-18):


    Brinell Test Methods:

    HBT (not according to standards)

    Vickers Test Methods:

    HVT (not according to standards)

    Integrated Conversions:

    DIN EN ISO 18265
    DIN EN ISO 50150

    (DIN EN ISO 2039):

    49.03 N
    132.9 N
    357.9 N
    961 N

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