Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines

The QATM Rockwell hardness tester series combines sophisticated design with technical innovation. A wealth of comfort functions make operation easy, safe, and fast. Modern software and interfaces allow time-saving automation and integration of the hardness tester into any lab. Due to the large test force range, Rockwell testing can be carried out for many different materials.

Q150A+ Automatic Rockwell Tester with 16x sample holder
Q150A+ Automatic Rockwell Tester with gear wheel sample

Q150A Plus Fully Automatic Rockwell Tester

Qness GmbH

The Q150A+ is a fully automatic Rockwell hardness tester, capable of processing multiple samples in one run. A generous X/Y stage coupled with a full computer system allows for the increase in productivity. Additionally, the unit has two optical ports that are equipped with an overview camera and 1 objective.

The Q150A+ has a load range of 1 - 250 kg and can be used for performing hardness test in accordance with ASTM E-18 or DIN EN ISO 6508.

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