Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines

The QATM Rockwell hardness tester series combines sophisticated design with technical innovation. A wealth of comfort functions make operation easy, safe, and fast. Modern software and interfaces allow time-saving automation and integration of the hardness tester into any lab. Due to the large test force range, Rockwell testing can be carried out for many different materials.

Q150A Automatic Rockwell Tester with collision protection
Q150A Automatic Rockwell Tester

Q150A Fully Automatic Rockwell Tester

Qness GmbH

The Q150A is a fully automatic Rockwell hardness tester, capable of processing multiple samples in one run. A generous X/Y stage coupled with a full computer system allows for the increase in productivity. Additionally, the unit has two optical ports that can be equipped with 2 objectives. If an overview camera is desired, see the Q150A+ model.

The Q150A has a load range of 1 - 250 kg and can be used for performing hardness test in accordance with ASTM E-18 or DIN EN ISO 6508.

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