NIS-D Documentation Imaging Software

by Nikon

NIS Elements D supports color documentation requirements in bioresearch, clinical and industrial applications, with basic measuring and reporting capabilities.

Nikon's NIS-Elements revolutionizes imaging software for the microscopy market by combining automated intelligence to microscopes, cameras, components and peripherals with powerful archiving, analysis, visualization and achiving tools. Its intuitive interface simplifies workflow and makes fast acquisition possible while providing powerful features such as large image stitching, automated object counting, 3D volume rendering, high dynamic range, extended depth of focus, and ratio and FRET analysis.

Documentation (D) Package

NIS-Elements Documentation is tailored for facilitating image capture, object measurement and counting, databasing and report generation. Ease of use and simplification of menu options has been emphasized in the design of the package while also displaying a similiar look and feel in NIS-Elements Advanced Research (AR) and Basic Research packages.

The combination of integrated automated intelligence, streamlined workflow, attention to detail and creative design makes NIS-Elements Documentation the perfect package for clinical and industrial applications such as tissue comparison, image archiving and reporting, particle analysis, defect analysis and fiber & textile material analysis.

Core documentation functionality includes manual length and area measurements, large imaging stitching optional modules are available: database for streamlined image filing, retrival and report generation for PDF based reports, Extended Depth of Focus (EDF), which creates an all-in-focus image from a series of Z-axis images, live compare for comparing a live image with a static image or overlay, AutoMeasure for automated object counting using thresholding, feature restrictions and data export, and advanced macro builder for more complex custom programming.

Database Capabilities

NIS-Elements has a powerful image database module that supports image and meta data. Various databases & tables can easily be created and images can be saved to the database via one simple mouse-click. Filtering, sorting and multiple grouping are also available according to the database field given for each image.

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