LV150N Upright Digital Microscope

by Nikon

The advanced optics, digital capabilities, and modular design of the Eclipse LV150N Series microscopes allows an unprecedented level of versatility and flexibility that enables them to cover a wide variety of products and applications extending from development and quality control to manufacturing inspection. These microscopes provide superb performance when inspecting semiconductors, flat panel displays, packages, electronics substrates, materials, medical devices, and a variety of other samples.

Benefits & Features

Microscope type

  • Dedicated reflected illumination models

  • Manual type

Modularized microscope body applicable with various observations and tasks

Compatible with brightfield, darkfield, simple polarizing, DIC, epifluorescence and two-beam interferometry observations. It supports diverse and advanced research, analysis and inspection.

Compatible stages

  • LV-S32 3x2 stage (Stroke: 75 x 50 mm with glass plate)

    *Can be fitted with LV-S32SPL ESD plate

  • LV-S6 6x6 stage (Stroke: 150 x 150 mm)

    *Can be fitted with LV-S6WH wafer holder / LV-S6PL ESD plate

  • LV-SRP P revolving stage

  • P-GS2 G stage 2 (Used with stage adapter LV-SAD)

Newly developed CFI60-2 series

Newly developed CFI60-2 series provides the ultimate in long working distance levels and the most advanced chromatic aberration in a light weight body

CFI60-2 series offers higher NA and longer working distances than ever before.

Easy digital imaging

Information about the objective in use is detected and displayed on the camera control unit. In addition, the information is automatically converted into appropriate calibration data when changing magnification.

  • Digital Camera System for Microscopy Digital Sight Series

  • Imaging Software NIS-Elements

ECLIPSE LV150NL with LED illumination

An environmentally friendly version of the LV150NL which consumes less power through long-life LED illumination is also available.


  • Liquid Crystal Displays (lcd)

  • Antennae

  • Surface Examination

  • Telecom & Electronics

  • MEMS

  • Metallurgy

  • Implants/ Protheses

  • Composites

  • Fabrics/Textiles

  • Optoelectronics

  • Metal Manufacturing

  • Microelectronics

  • Wafers

  • Telescope optics

  • Mobile phones, shavers & watches

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