Ci-E Clinical Upright Microscope

by Nikon

The Eclipse Ci-E clinical microscope features motorized operation, LED lighting, new ergonomics that make the microscope more comfortable than ever before, optical enhancements to speed up diagnosis time and digital imaging capabilities that go way beyond any microscopes in their class.

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  • Motorized Operation

    The Eclipse Ci-E is Nikon's first motorized microscope designed specifically for the clinical laboratory. Automated features include:

    • Control Pad - By programming specific buttons to correspond to specific objective lenses, magnification can be easily changed with a one-touch button.
    • Auto Light Intensity Reproduction - The user-defined light intensity for each objective lens is automatically memorized and replicated when the objective is used again. This eliminates the need for manual re-adjustment of light intensity.
    • Nosepiece Rotation Buttons - The nosepiece rotation buttons allows two magnifications to be stored-- with one press of a button the user can easily alternate between two objective lenses. This is useful when frequent change of magnifications is necessary, for example between 10x and 40x objectives.
    • Motorized Swing-Out Condensor - Automatically swing-out and swing-in the top-lens element according to the objective lens that is selected.
    • Motorized Nosepiece

    Image Capture Button

    In response to user demand for the easy image capture, the ECLIPSE Ci series has a built-in dedicated capture button on the microscope base. An optional digital imaging system supports simple camera settings and operation including capturing, measuring and image sharing.

    All-new Camera Control Unit

    The new Digital Sight DS-L3 is a stand-alone controller with a large-size touch panel, which allows simple setting and operation of a Digital Sight camera without a computer. The camera control is possible with mouse operation or touch panel operation by finger touch or stylus pen.

    Ergonomic Binocular Tube

    Eyepiece angle and extension are adjustable to ensure a comfortable observation position. A camera can be mounted via the DSC port.

    Eyelevel Riser

    Eyepoint height can be adjusted to suit your natural posture and increases flexibility for users of different heights.

    Lower Stage Positioning

    A nosepiece spacer lowers the stage facilitating specimen exchange.

    Stage Handle with Height Adjustment

    Stage movement has never been this smooth and comfortable.

    Ceramic Stage

    The stage is coated with an abrasion and chemical resistant ceramic coating, allowing long-term frequent specimen changes without damaging the stage surface.

    Ultra-Bright LED Illumination

    The Eclipse Ci-E and Ci-L models feature a power-saving, long-life, high-intensity LED illumination system that is three times brighter than previous Nikon systems.

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