ECLIPSE Si Upright Microscope

by Nikon

Nikon has designed the ECLIPSE Si to meet the rigorous demands of professionals who spend hours using the microscope. The ECLIPSE Si is ergonomically designed to enhance operational efficiency. This powerful instrument helps you to stay focused for longer by reducing the strain on your body. The ECLIPSE Si is the new standard in microscopes, expanding the possibilities of exploring the micro world.

Key Features

Maintaining comfortable brightness when switching magnifications

Objectives with different magnifications transmit light to varying degrees. Therefore, light intensity must be adjusted every time the user changes the objective. In addition, when switching from high to low magnification objectives, the sudden increase in brightness often causes eye strain. The ECLIPSE Si features the intelligent Light Intensity Management (LIM) which automatically remembers and sets the light intensity level for each objective. The LIM feature reduces up to 40% of the time spent on adjusting light intensities*. With the ECLIPSE Si, users can increase comfort and save time even when the routine requires frequent magnification changes.

* Compared to the time required for adjusting the light intensity when switching among three different objective lenses. Test was carried out by Nikon, using a previous LED-based microscope model.

Low stage for effortless slide replacement

The height of ECLIPSE Si stage is 135 mm, which is about 50 mm lower than our conventional microscopes. The lower stage design reduces the range of motion required to exchange specimen slides, and in turn this can reduce arm and shoulder fatigue. Since the position of the stage movement knob is also lower, different areas on the specimen slide can be easily explored while resting your hands on the table. The lever for opening and closing the specimen holder has also been designed to be ergonomic with an easy-to-operate size and shape. Furthermore, the ECLIPSE Si features a 30% smaller stage compared to our conventional microscopes in order to optimize slide replacement.

Eclipse Si Miroscope featuring ergonomic design

Enables natural posture to be maintained throughout the entire microscope workflow

The inclination angle of the eyepiece tube is 45 degrees, which enables observation through the eyepieces while maintaining a natural posture. The low stage design also allows you to seamlessly switch from looking through the eyepieces to checking the slide placement on the stage without having to adjust your posture. An optional eye-level riser is also available to further tailor the height of the eyepieces.

Worry free focusing thanks to vertical stop

The ECLIPSE Si is equipped with a stopper that can be used to set the upper limit of the stage height. The stage stops at the set height even when the focus knob is turned, thereby eliminating the risk of over-focusing and breaking the slides or damaging the objectives. Specimen exchange and focusing can be performed with confidence, without worrying about the stage height.

Adjusting focus and moving the stage with one hand

The coarse and fine focus knobs are located on both sides of the microscope, making it possible to focus with either hand. In addition, the stage handle is positioned close to the focus knob, allowing users to easily adjust both the stage position and focus with the same hand. With the stage movement and focus controlled by the same hand, the other hand can be dedicated to rotating the nosepiece or replacing the slides. These features provide an efficient workflow even when examining a large number of specimen slides.

Status display

The illumination brightness is shown in a bar graph on the LCD. You can check the magnification at a glance while maintaining your observation posture.

Changing magnifications comfortably

The reversed-type nosepiece provides easy access and visibility to the objective in use. The position of the nosepiece is low to reduce strain on the arm when frequent magnification changes are required. The nosepiece features an easy grip for smooth rotation, and accommodates up to five objectives to provide a wide range of magnifications.

Quintuple Nosepiece for Nikon ECLIPSE Si Upright Microscope

Automatically turning off illumination after a certain period of time

The ECLIPSE Si is equipped with an ECO mode which automatically turns off the illumination after a certain period of inactivity. The length of the inactivity period is adjustable. With ECO mode, the ECLIPSE Si helps you save power without any effort.

Superior Optics for High Quality Images

The ECLIPSE Si employs CFI E Plan series objectives, which feature flat, sharp images up to the periphery of the field of view. These objectives are part of the CFI60 infinity-corrected optical system, which achieves both high resolution and long working distances. A wide variety of Nikon CFI60 objectives are available.

Compatible with a Wide Variety of Observation Methods

  • Phase contrast observation

  • Dark-field observation

  • Simple polarizing observation

  • Diascopic fluorescence observation

Emphasis on easy storage

The body of the ECLIPSE Si is 14% lighter than that of the previous model*. Grips on both sides of the microscope base and rear arms make it easy and stable to carry. In addition, the eyepieces can be securely fixed with screws to prevent them from falling during transportation.

* An LED model

The tube can be rotated backwards to reduce the space required for storage by loosening the tube locking screw. The tube is designed so that it does not fall even if the screw is loosened. The direction of rotation is clearly illustrated on the body.

Moreover, the AC adaptor can be stored at the back of the microscope, and the power cord can also be neatly wound up when storing.

Eclipse Si microscope featuring optional DS-Fi3 camera

Optional DS-Fi3 microscope camera

Equipped with a 5.9-megapixel CMOS image sensor, the DS-Fi3 can acquire high-resolution color images of up to 2880 x 2048 pixels*. Its excellent color reproducibility enables the acquisition of images with colors faithful to those of the images observed under the microscope. Its high sensitivity also makes the DS-Fi3 ideal for acquiring fluorescence images.

* NIS-Elements L imaging software is required for controlling the camera.

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