Nikon Metallurgical Microscopes

Nikon is a world leader in optical instrumentation, with over a century of expertise. They achieve the highest quality assurance for microscopes through the manufacture of precision optical glass. Nikon’s industrial offerings, including upright, inverted, and stereo models, are the perfect complement to QATM’s metallographic sample preparation equipment. Use Nikon microscopes, cameras, and imaging software for the most reliable inspection and analysis of your prepared samples.
LV100NPOL - Upright Polarizing Microscope

LV100N POL Upright Polarizing Microscope


Nikon's Eclipse polarizing microscopes are renowned for their ability to produce brighter, clearer, and higher contrast images. The LV100N POL, available in diascopic and episcopic microscope illumination types, continues this tradition and offers a completely reengineered base for even easier operation. It also features an exclusive high-intensity halogen light source, which delivers brighter images, lower power consumption and less heat generation, thereby reducing the chance of heat-induced focus drift.

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