Nikon Metallurgical Microscopes

Nikon is a world leader in optical instrumentation, with over a century of expertise. They achieve the highest quality assurance for microscopes through the manufacture of precision optical glass. Nikon’s industrial offerings, including upright, inverted, and stereo models, are the perfect complement to QATM’s metallographic sample preparation equipment. Use Nikon microscopes, cameras, and imaging software for the most reliable inspection and analysis of your prepared samples.
MA100N - Inverted Metallographic Microscope

MA100N Inverted Metallographic Microscope


The MA100N is a compact inverted microscope designated for bright field and simple polarizing observations. Responding to the requests from manufacturing and QA/QC sections in a variety of industries, Nikon developed this simple but durable model which enables high contrast image observation and capture. Further, the high intensity LED illumination reduces the need for frequent lamp replacement.

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MA200 - Inverted Metallographic Microscope

MA200 Inverted Metallographic Microscope


The Eclipse MA200 is an inverted materials microscope (metallograph) with an innovative design that has been optimized for digital imaging and ergonomic efficiency. The MA200 uses integrated intelligence to automatically combine captured images with data on their observation settings for more comprehensive documentation. Additionally, its new and unique box design allows easy access to the sample on the stage and nosepiece, while making the footprint size one third of the conventional model.

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