Metallographic Wet Abrasive Cut off Saws

Mager Scientific offers a wide selection of metallographic wet abrasive cut off saws made by ATM GmbH. From precision diamond saws to manual chop saws, tabletop, or free standing floor models, we have a metallographic saw that fits your needs. ATM offers a wide variety of options on many saws, such as: laser alignment, automatic crossfeed, pulse and serial cutting. Plus there is a large selection of vises to meet your clamping needs. Our sales specialists are always happy to answer any questions!
Brillant 285 Automatic Cut Off Saw - sliding door open
Brillant 285 Automatic Cut Off Saw 20-24in

Brillant 285 Automatic Cut Off Saw 20-24in


The Brillant 285 Cut Off Machine combines industrial strength with precision control. A water-cooled 20 HP motor integrates into the swivel arm. Well-suited for 20 inch cut off wheels, the Brillant 285 has the ability to cut a 7+ inch round cross section. The cutting wheel optimizes automatic sequences, including serial cuts, with 21.5 inches of horizontal cross feed movement (Z-axis) available.

The Brillant 285 is the ideal choice for large part or high volume sectioning.

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