Metallographic Wet Abrasive Cut off Saws

Mager Scientific offers a wide selection of metallographic wet abrasive cut off saws made by ATM GmbH. From precision diamond saws to manual chop saws, tabletop, or free standing floor models, we have a metallographic saw that fits your needs. ATM offers a wide variety of options on many saws, such as: laser alignment, automatic crossfeed, pulse and serial cutting. Plus there is a large selection of vises to meet your clamping needs. Our sales specialists are always happy to answer any questions!
Brillant 250.3 Automatic Cut Off Saw - open cutting chamber
Brillant 250.3 Automatic Cut Off Saw 14in

Brillant 250.3 Automatic Cut Off Saw 14in


The Brillant 250.3 is our largest tabletop abrasive cut off saw with a maximum 14" abrasive cut off wheel. This is an automatic precision wet abrasive cut off saw that work on the production floor or the metallurgical laboratory. Highly programmable with many features to help you automate your process.

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