Metallographic Hot Mounting Press Machines

Superior high-pressure hydraulics are at the core of our metallographic hot mounting presses. Choose a model based on your mount diameter size requirements or if you want an innovative unique sliding closure system. Our newest mounting press, the Qpress 50 (Opal X-Press), allows you to create up to 4 mounts at once. The Opal 480 has the capability to handle rectangle mounts!
Opal 410 Mounting Press - raised mold assembly with mount
Opal 410 Mounting Press - diameter 25-40mm

Opal 410 Mounting Press 25-40mm


The Opal 410 Automatic Metallographic Mounting Press is simple and efficient. With QATM's thirty years of experience building high pressure hydraulic systems, the Opal 410 utilizes a sound design with reliable electro hydraulic operation and automatic water cooling with a water saving function.

The simple interface allows for easy control including five different pressure modes. The solid stainless steel bayonet closure will not bind or cross thread even during high volume repetitive mounting cycles. Each cylinder size, up to 40 mm, can be easily interchanged and an intermediate ram allows for dual mounting.

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Qpress 50 Mounting Press with slide closure opened
Qpress 50 Mounting Press

Qpress 50 (Opal X-Press) Modular Mounting Press 25-50mm


The Qpress 50 (Opal X-Press) is a state of the art modular hot mounting press for metallographic sample preparation. Up to 4 individually controlled mounting cylinders are controlled by 1 machine allowing multiple users to create different sized mounts at once (sizes: 25.2 - 50 mm).

A unique sliding top closure makes it incredibly easy to load/unload your samples. Advanced pre-heat functions keep the press ready to go and optimized heating elements reduce cycle times. The optional Dust Guard vacuum system benefits lab air quality when loading the powder into the machine.

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Opal 480 Mounting Press - rectangular mount
Opal 480 Mounting Press - diameter 50-70mm

Opal 480 Mounting Press 50-70mm


The Opal 480 is a sturdy and powerful metallographic mounting press with easily interchangeable cylinder sets and full process programmability. Only the Opal 480 has the ability to make mounts up to 70 mm in diameter or rectangular mounts. A robust 4 HP motor provides the necessary power to make large mounts.

Intermediate ram allows for dual mounting. When combined with Mager's complete line of mounting resins, the Opal 480 can produce the largest mounts available with excellent results.

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