Qpol 250 BOT (Saphir X-Change) Fully Automatic Grinder / Polisher 10in

The Qpol 250 BOT (Saphir X-Change) brings fully automatic metallographic grinding and polishing to any lab.

The grinding and polishing process is automated by intuitive touch-screen controls. Easy manual loosening and tightening of sample holder for central pressure simplifies the preparation process. Grinding or polishing media is automatically changed and all parameters can be adjusted directly during the process. The semi-covered working space with large panel and light-barrier provide a high safety standard.

Fast. Efficient. Affordable.

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  • Qpol 250 BOT (Saphir X-Change) Product Introduction (2 min 35 sec)

    Meet the machine! This video highlights the major features of the Qpol 250 BOT (Saphir X-Change), QATM's fully-automated grinder/polishing/cleaning system.

    Qpol 250 BOT (Saphir X-Change) Overview (5 min 35 sec)

    Please enjoy our guided video tour of the Qpol 250 BOT (Saphir X-Change).

    QATM Pneumatic Sample Leveling Press (1 min 30 sec)

    Take a look at the Pneumatic Sample Leveling Press by QATM. This device helps with that tricky problem of getting all your samples level in a sample holder by using 90 psi pressure to keep that sample in place! Level samples means less grinding time, saving you time and consumables.

    Custom Sample Holders (2:18)

    See examples of custom sample holders manufactured by QATM. Let us know if you're interested in designing one of your own to maximize the throughput and efficiency of your lab.

    Easy Spanner Sample Holder (1:09)

    Locking and unlocking your sample into the holder just got a lot easier. Watch how now!

    The Vario Sample Holder (2:06)

    The Vario sample holder is designed to give you maximum flexibility for working with large, unmounted samples. See how easy it can be!

  • Fully Automatic Grinder Polisher for All

    The Qpol 250 BOT (X-Change) is based off the popular SystemAutomat automatic grinder polisher, but the Qpol 250 BOT has a much smaller footprint that can fit in any lab.

    Comparison of an 8 station SystemAuto and the Qpol 250 BOT (X-Change)


    The Qpol 250 BOT (X-Change) features a 16 place elevator to house all your grinding and polishing media:

    • Compatible with magnetic disc, plain backed or PSA backed consumables
    • Fast movement up/down
    • Removable and easy to clean
    • Durable aluminum construction

    Grinding / polishing head

    The reliable grinding/polishing head features:

    • 1 horsepower motor
    • Co-rotation or counter rotation of samples
    • Central pressure
    • Max sample holder diameter of 160 mm
    • Mounted or unmounted samples
    • Easy loading/unloading of sample holder

    You can enter "Manual Mode" to move the grinding/polishing head to the side and manually grind or polish your sample if you need!

    Cleaning Stations

    The Qpol 250 BOT (X-Change) has two cleaning stations:

    • High pressure cleaning with water, compressed air drying and ethanol
    • Ultrasonic cleaning

    Dosing Arm

    The dosing arm has everything needed for full automation:

    • 4 diamond suspensions
    • 1 lubricant
    • 1 oxide
    • 1 water


    The Qpol 250 BOT (X-Change) features convenient built-in storage of consumables made with durable, powder-coated aluminum.

    Sedimentation Tank

    Keep your drains clean with a convenient 45 liter sedimentation tank. Unique tank design allows for quick access and easy changing of filter bags.

    Touch Screen Panel

  • Specifications

    Working wheel:

    250 mm (10") diameter

    Sample holder max diameter:

    160 mm

    Drive power:

    1.1 kW S3/40%

    Drive power polishing head:

    0,17 kW S1

    Speed (head):

    30 - 150 rpm

    Speed (grinder):

    50 - 600 rpm

    Controlled removal:


    Water connection:

    1x fresh water R½" max. 6 bar

    Water outlet:

    1x waste water DN50

    Compressed-air connection:

    6 bar. coupling connector NG8


    110 V / 60 Hz, 1 Phase
    220 V / 60 Hz, 1 Phase

    W x H x D:

    52 x 60 x 31.5"
    1320 x 1500 x 800 mm


    550 lbs (250 kg)

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