Metallographic Grinder/Polisher Machines

Browse our collection of metallographic grinder/polisher machines by ATM GmbH and you will find features like: manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions, 8" - 12" diameter discs, polishing heads with variable speed, and single vs. central pressure. These grinder/polishers are solidly built and are meant to last for years. The Saphir X-Change and SystemAutomat can take your lab to new levels of efficiency by fully automating the grinding/polishing process including cleaning your samples!
Saphir 375 Stone Grinder with recirculation tank
Saphir 375 Stone Grinder

Saphir 375 Stone Grinder


The ATM Stone Grinder is a water cooled, high speed machine for quickly plane grinding samples in a specimen holder. The coarse grit grinding stone turns at 1700 rpm to plane grind a typical batch of samples in less than 30 seconds. Both mounted and unmounted specimens are easy work for this high speed machine.

The system is designed to give the operator total control of the parameters, including the diamond dressing tool's interval, depth and speed at which it dresses the stone. Grinding depth (Z-axis) is programmable allowing the operator to remove the desired amount of material for any sample batch to within 0.1 mm accuracy.

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