Metallographic Grinder/Polisher Machines

Browse our collection of metallographic grinder/polisher machines by ATM GmbH and you will find features like: manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions, 8" - 12" diameter discs, polishing heads with variable speed, and single vs. central pressure. These grinder/polishers are solidly built and are meant to last for years. The Saphir X-Change and SystemAutomat can take your lab to new levels of efficiency by fully automating the grinding/polishing process including cleaning your samples!
SystemAutomat Fully Automatic Grinder/Polisher 12in
SystemAutomat Fully Automatic Grinder/Polisher

SystemAutomat Fully Automatic Grinder/Polisher 12in


Designed and developed by ATM, the compact Systemautomat completely automates the grinding and polishing aspects of the specimen preparation process.

Simple touch-screen controls access all parameters and procedures. The Systemautomat ensures that each specimen is properly processed and guarantees reproducible results.

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