GP-4312 200mm Rhaco Magnet Adaptor Each

by Mager
The Rhaco is a two sided disc designed to work with a magnetic carrying wheel. One side is textured metal that attaches to the magnetic carrying wheel, and the other side has a special tack that fixates to your existing grinding / polishing media.

The tack holds the grinding / polishing media in place during procedures, yet allows for easy removal of media when complete. It works great with plain or PSA backed grinding paper as well as PSA polishing cloths. Imagine not ever peeling the backing off your PSA backed media again...or migrate back to plain-backed grinding paper! Best of all, the Rhaco eliminates that pesky problem of millimeter vs. inch media since there is no clamping ring to deal with! The tack side of the disc can be cleaned for easy and effective re-use

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