Nikon Eclipse Ts2R Inverted Research Microscope

Diascopic Illumination

Nikon Eclipse Ts2R-FL Inverted Research Microscope

Diascopic and Epi-Fluorescence Illumination

The Nikon Eclipse Ts2R and Ts2R-FL are new entrants into the Nikon inverted research microscope line, designed to fit in between the Ts2 (sucessor to the TS100) and the Ti advanced research series. The Ts2R and Ts2R-FL features a sleek, compact design that is adaptable to meet your basic research needs while providing you with the ergonomic comforts you deserve.

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Designed with You in Mind

Comfortably operate the Ts2R for long periods of time with features such as a lower stage height, illumination controls intuitively at the front of the microscope and a newly designed mechanical stage.

The stage height on the Ts2R is approximately 30% lower than its bigger brother, the Ti series, allowing you to comfortably rest your hands on the table while adjusting the mechanical stage.

Controls for illumination are conveniently visible and accessible at the front of the microscope. The Ts2R-FL model has additional buttons and dials for epi-fluorescence controls.

An adaptable mechanical stage gives you exceptional stage travel, an assortment of holders as well as travel limit pins for commonly used samples.

Re-designed Body

The Ts2R delivers a compact, vibration-resistant body with the epi-fluorescent light source now built into the microscope. Stage visibility is also improved with the camera port re-located to the side of the microscope.

The compact design allows the Ts2R to more easily fit in various places found in a lab, including a laminar flow hood.

Diascopic Features

Advanced imaging results comparable to the Ti series can be achieved through optional accessories and the use of Nikon's superb CFI60 series of objectives.

With LED illumination, many types of observation are possible on the Ts2R or Ts2R-FL, including:

  • Brightfield
  • DIC
  • Emboss Contrast
  • Phase Contrast
  • Apodized Phase Contrast (APC), and
  • Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast (NAMC)

With the Ts2R-FL, epi-fluorescence observation is available on four fluorescence channels and seven wavelengths.

Emboss Contrast:

Phase Contrast:



Fluorescence Features

With four separate LEDs powering the microscope, multi-color fluorescence observation is easy to achieve.

When switching between wavelengths, the illumination power is automatically replicated and manual adjustments by the user are not necessary.

Capture vivid images with the help of the Noise Terminator and the built-in fly-eye lens, which spreads brightness across the field of view in a uniform matter.

The optional Contrast Shield allows operators to observe high signal-to-noise fluorescence without the need to dim the lights in the laboratory.

The Ts2R-FL has an additional port, allowing you to use Fiber Optic illumination rather than the built-in LED illumination if your application requires it.

Ts2R Accessories

Thermo plate TPX provides accurate and stable temperature control for the specimen from room temperature to 50 degrees Celsius. Proprietary treatment methods ensure that the glass surface of the Termo Plate is breakage-free. Manufactured by TOKaI HIT Co., Ltd.

Incubate your stage to improve cell health during lengthy observations. The chamber can control CO2, temperature and humidity. Manufactured by TOKaI HIT Co., Ltd.

Gain ultimate control with a hydraulic micro manipulator system by Narishige Co, Ltd. Use the joysticks to enjoy a smooth, jerk-free manipulation while also having the ability to operate at a coarse, or fine speed.

Cameras Options

Cameras utilizing either PC-based control or standalone, touch-screen control units are available for use with the Ts2R.

The DS-Fi2 is a high-definition, 5-megapixel color camera which delivers high-resolution images of up to 2560 x 1920 pixels and a frame rates up to 21 fps (Display mode: 1280 x 960 pixels).

The DS-Vi1 is a high-speed, live display, color camera that features a high frame rate and a 2.0-megapixel CCD. Displays SXGA live images (1600 x 1200 pixels max.) at l5fps (29fps max.).

The DS-Ri2 is a 16.25-megapixel, high definition camera for microscopes that is equipped with Nikon’s digital SLR camera EX-format CMOS sensor. The DS-Ri2 provides superior color reproduction and fast frame rates.

The DS-Qi2 is a 16.25-megapixel, high-definition camera for microscopes that is equipped with Nikon's FX-format CMOS sensor. This monochrome CMOS camera enables high-sensitivity, low noise imaging.

The stand-alone DS-L3 control unit features a large touch panel display and variety of functions. This makes it possible to quickly and easily capture images without a computer or monitor.

The DS-U3 control unit allows full control of the camera through a PC, from display and capture to advanced processing and analysis. Flexibly accommodates a wide range of applications.

System Diagram

Ts2R Dimensions

Ts2R-FL Dimensions

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