Q250M Universal Hardness Tester

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Product Summary

The Q250M is a universal hardness tester with a large flat anvil designed to handle larger, heavier parts. The M model features a manual Z-axis (head up/down) as well as a larger test height compared to the MS model.

Test Force: 0.5 - 250 kg

Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell tests

Easy to use software

Wide selection of anvils

Product Video

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Universal Hardness Tester MS/M/E Frame (2 min)
Available in Q250, Q750 and Q3000 models

Brinell Tests (DIN EN ISO 6506, ASTM E-10)

HBW 1/1, HBW 1/2.5, HBW 1/5, HBW 1/10, HBW 1/30, HBW 2.5/6.25, HBW 2.5/15.6, HBW 2.5/31.25, HBW 2.5/62.5, 2.5/187.5, HBW 5/25, HBW 5/62.5, HBW 5/125, HBW 5/250, HBW 10/100, HBW 10/250, HBT (not according to standards)

Vickers Tests (DIN EN ISO 6507, ASTM E-384)

HV 0.5, HV 1, HV 2, HV 3, HV 5, HV 10, HV 20, HV 30, HV 50, HV 100, HVT (not according to standards)

Rockwell Tests (DIN EN ISO 6508, ASTM E-18)

HRA - HRV, HR15-N/T/W/X/Y, HR30-N/T/W/X/Y, HR45-N/T/W/X/Y
Test force range:
0.5 - 250 kg (4.9 - 2450 N)
Test height:
430 mm
Throat depth:
310 mm
Standard test anvil:
100 mm
150 kg
110V 60 Hz, 1 Phase
220V 60 Hz, 1 Phase

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