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Product Summary

In a unique -40°C vacuum cooled platform, loaded with FPGA intelligence, Andor's Neo sCMOS camera platform is designed exclusively to drive lowest possible dark noise from this exciting and innovative technology development. Zyla 5.5 is built around a superb, low noise, large field of view 5.5 megapixel sensor, capable of both Rolling and Global Shutter exposure modes



  • Vacuum cooled to -40 °C
  • 1 e- read noise and 0.007 e-/pix/s darkcurrent
  • Minimized hot pixels
  • Rolling and Global Shutter
Product Information The Neo 5.5 model is based around a large 5.5 megapixel sensor with 6.5 µ pixels and a 22mm diameter, ideal for applications such as cell microscopy, astronomy, digital pathology and high content screening. The Neo 5.5 can deliver 30 fps sustained or up to 100 fps burst to internal 4GB memory. Extremely low darkcurrent means Neo 5.5 is suited to a range of exposure conditions. The Rolling and Global shutter flexibility further enhances application flexibility, Global shutter in particular offering an ideal means to simply and efficiently synchronize the Neo with other 'moving' devices such as stages or light switching sources and eliminating the possibility of spatial distortion when imaging fast moving objects.

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