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Product Summary

The Evolve 512 "Intelligent" EMCCD camera is the first scientific imaging solution that reads out pixel data in photoelectrons, resulting in accurate and reproducible data. With the most advanced feature set available, this small, yet powerful Evolve camera is ideally suited for low-light bioimaging applications.



  • Measure and Quantify Your Data in Photoelectrons
  • Streamline Workflow and Save Time
  • Set the Standard in Your Research
Product Information
  • Smallest, most powerful scientific EMCCD camera on the market
  • Most advanced feature set available for low-light applications
  • Lowest dark current available for an EMCCD camera
  • Lowest read noise available for an EMCCD camera
  • Ideal for sophisticated researcher and multi-user labs
  • Superb electron multiplication (EM) gain and bias stability
  • Most accurate EM calibration technique in the industry
  • Available with exclusive eXcelon technology
  • Backed by Photometrics' worldwide support team

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