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Product Summary

Flex cameras combine acquisition flexibility with category leading specifications to set the new benchmark for high resolution documentation microscopy applications. With Flex shifting sensor technology, you can select the resolution depending on your needs: single-shot 4.0 megapixel capture for moving specimens, 4-shot 4.0 megapixel full color sampling for high magnification fixed specimens, 16-shot 16 megapixel for low magnification fixed specimens or a 64 megapixel color image for large posters. This amazing resolution adds impressive detail to images.



  • User selectable resolution up to 64 megapixel
  • 22 mm field of view
  • Peltier cooling of -20°C from ambient
  • FireWire 1394a interface
  • 14-bit image capture
  • Included SPOT image capture software for microscopy
  • Installation, training and technical support available
Product Information The SPOT Flex Monochrome is an extreme resolution camera with a wide field of view. Deep pixel wells provide high dynamic range, and binning is supported to increase sensitivity. Cooling and 14-bit digital output reduce noise for low light level imaging. The Flex camera uses a Kodak scientific grade CCD sensor which captures images with a very wide field of view, matching the microscope.

The SPOT Flex includes SPOT Basic software (Windows® and Mac® OS) which features real time image previewing, scale bar addition, report generation, time lapse, and measuring capabilities. IEEE 1394 Firewire™ connectivity enables effortless installation on computers and laptop portability. SPOT Flex cameras come with a 2-year warranty and are supported by an experienced team of imaging specialists.

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