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Product Summary

The SPOT Insight microscopy camera creates impressive images for journal publication and documentation. The Insight cameras interface with your computer to provide a live image window on the monitor for panning through slides, focusing and setting exposure. Publication-quality images are easily captured with the click of a button. The images are immediately available for printing, emailing, or adding annotations, measurements or scale bars.



  • 4.0 megapixel resolution
  • 14-bit image capture
  • Low noise
  • 20 Mhz readout for fast frame rates
  • FireWire 1394a interface
  • Included SPOT image capture software for microscopy
  • Installation, training and technical support available
Product Information The SPOT Insight can be adapted to virtually any microscope in your laboratory. The SPOT Insight camera uses Kodak scientific grade CCD sensors and optimized electronic circuitry to provide clean, low noise images, so they can be used for moderately bright fluorescence as well as bright field microscopy applications.

The 4.0 megapixel SPOT Insight camera provides an incredibly large field of view that matches your microscope.

The SPOT Insight Monochrome digital camera provides a wide field of view, allowing more of the sample to be visible in the images and eliminating the need for expensive de-magnifying optics. This versatile camera provides 14-bit digitization and deep pixel wells for high dynamic range. The Insight's refined electronic design produces low noise images even when light is limited. Binning, gain and ROI adjustments are supported to increase frame rates when required. The SPOT Insight includes SPOT Basic software (Windows® and Mac® OS) for real-time image preview and acquisition, and drivers are available for many third party imaging software applications. IEEE 1394 Firewire™ connectivity enables effortless installation on computers and laptop portability. The SPOT Insight camera's robust design and well-documented, free Software Development Kit (SDK) provide easy OEM integration.

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