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Product Summary

The Rolera Thunder delivers quantitative capability, linear EM Gain and exceptionally high frame rates, making this EMCCD camera ideal for super resolution (STORM, SIM, PALM), single molecule fluorescence and FRAP applications, as well as astronomy and studying Bose-Einstein condensates.



  • Back Illuminated EMCCD Sensor
  • 512 x 512 pixel array
  • 16µm x 16µm pixel size
  • Binning up to 8x8
  • Extreme sensitivity for demanding low-light & high speed florescence imaging applications
  • Linear EM gain with onboard calibration
  • EM gain stability for improved quantitative capabilities
  • Traditional Mode and EMCCD Mode
  • FPGA-based technology supports potential future upgrade path
  • Built-in 'anti-aging technology' greatly extends lifetime of camera's EMCCD
  • PVCAM provides instant compatibility with many advanced imaging software packages
Product Information The Thunder contains a 16um pixel, 512x512 EMCCD sensor with >90% QE and read noise <1e-. Combined with a linear EM gain and onboard EM calibration, the Rolera Thunder offers the ideal imaging solution for low light applications.

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