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Product Summary

QImaging is proud to introduce the Rolera EM-C2, the latest addition to its line-up of high-speed, high-sensitivity cameras. This camera is specifically designed to detect extremely low light levels at super-high frame rates with unparalleled spatial resolution. It enables life science researchers to take high-resolution, low-light video rate images capturing events never seen before.



Introducing Easy-EM mode!

This new feature automatically sets the EM Gain at an optimal S/N level, enabling you to set simple reproducibility of to your experiment conditions. Requires new QCam driver

>100 frames per second cell imaging

Gain the ability to see cellular events at extremely high frame rates.

34.2 full frames per second

Provides more frames per second enabling you to capture rapidly occurring events in more temporal detail.

Low noise - 20 electrons at full speed operation

Allows you to more rapidly detect low light signals. Allows less multiplication gain to be applied to reach sub electron read-noise.

High speed Dynamic Range of 1600:1

Enables a greater range of dim and bright objects to be seen in the same image.

Lightweight and small footprint - 2.1 pounds

Easier to handle which is beneficial when setting up extensive equipment.

Full Two-Year warranty (USA only)

Gain peace of mind with this industry-leading warranty.

Firewire B connectivity

Allows for simplified connectivity to computers and easily runs on a laptop.

40MHz speed

Provides the fastest full frame rate available.

QICam driver control

More extensive software support. Operate this camera using a variety of different software packages.
Product Information The Rolera EM-C2 also introduces the Easy-EM mode, which optimizes camera EM Gain settings with a single click. Application of EM Gain boosts the signal-to-noise ratio, enabling researchers to acquire clear images under extremely low-light conditions. You no longer have to gauge sensitivity using the arbitrary sliders to estimate necessary EM Gain. The Easy-EM function sets the camera directly to an optimal signal-to-noise setting so you can capture the best possible data for every single experiment, time after time.

High speed ideally suited to live cell imaging and captures fast moving events like intracellular trafficking and ion imaging. You can image a cell at >100 fps!

EM Gain enabling <1e read noise provides such low read noise and high-sensitivity so you can take advantage of extremely high frame rates.

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