| Digital Cameras & Imaging Software

Mager has a wide range of cameras and software to fit any budget and application that can be adapted to new or existing microscope systems. Both color and monochrome cameras are available in many resolutions. Our camera systems can be matched with simple software for image capture or advanced, fully automated microscope control for sophisticated techniques. To determine the best system for your needs, contact Mager Scientific for a free on-site consultation!

QImaging CCDs

EXi Aqua Monochrome CCD

EXi Blue Monochrome CCD

MicroPublisher 5.0 RTV Color Cooled CCD

QIClick Color CCD

Retiga-2000DC Monochrome Cooled CCD

Retiga-2000R Color Cooled CCD

Retiga-4000DC Monochrome Cooled CCD

Retiga-4000R Monochrome Cooled CCD

QImaging Specialty

Rolera Bolt Monochrome SCMOS

Rolera EM-C2 Monochrome EMCCD

Rolera Thunder Monochrome Cooled EMCCD

pco. Cameras

pco.panda bi Color sCMOS

pco.edge 4.2 LT Color sCMOS

pco.dimax cs4 Color Camera

pco.dimax HD/HD+ Color Highspeed

pco.dimax S4 Color Highspeed

pco.dimax HS4 Monochrome Highspeed

A Wide Selection

We carry all the top-quality brands of cameras and imaging software so we can tailor a configuration to meet your budget and application needs. With so many choices and our expert sales staff, you'll be sure to strike the perfect balance between need and budget.

SPOT Cameras

Flex Monochrome Cooled CCD

Idea Color CMOS

Insight 2.0 Monochrome CCD

Insight 4.0 Monochrome CCD

RT3 Color Cooled CCD

Nikon Imaging

DS-Fi2: High Resolution Color Camera

DS-Qi1: Monochrome Cooled Camera

DS-Ri1: High Resolution Color Camera

DS-Vi1: High Speed Color Camera

NIS-Ar: Elements Advanced Research Software

NIS-Br: Elements Basic Research Software

NIS-D: Elements Documentation Software


Image Pro Premier 3D Imaging Software

Image Pro Premier Imaging Software

AutoQuant X3 Imaging Software

Image Pro Insight Imaging Software

Image Pro Plus Imaging Software

Multichannel Imaging

DualCam2 Imaging System

DualView2 Imaging System

QuadView2 Imaging System


Cascade II:1024 Monochrome Cooled EMCCD

CoolSNAP ES2 Monochrome Cooled CCD

CoolSNAP EZ Monochrome Cooled CCD

Coolsnap HQ2 Monochrome Cooled CCD

CoolSNAP KINO Monochrome Cooled CCD

CoolSNAP MYO Monochrome Cooled CCD

Evolve 128 Monochrome Cooled EMCCD

Evolve 512 Monochrome Cooled EMCCD

QuantEM:512SC Monochrome Cooled EMCCD

Dage Cameras

RealView-HD-210D Color CMOS


StreamPix5 Imaging Software

Molecular Devices

Metamorph Imaging Software