Vibratory Polishers Redefined

The Saphir Vibro is the worlds most advanced vibratory polisher, engineered for an enhanced and unmatched user experience

  • Software driven with color touch screen user interface
    • Surface Guard feature protects sample surface when a program ends and the operator is not present
    • Store up to 200 procedures; create your own or choose from pre-installed methods
    • Software can auto-select the polishing frequency based on weight
  • Innovative bowl design
    • Rapid bowl exchange with no tools or screws required
    • Use magnetic backed polishing cloth systems
    • Do not have to apply PSA cloth directly to bowl

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Hassle-free Polishing Bowl

The Saphir Vibro brings a fresh take on the polishing bowl making it much more user friendly

  • The bowl is magnetically affixed to the vibratory polisher; there are no screws and no tools are needed to exchange the bowl
  • A simple push of a button detaches the bowl and the operator only has to lift to remove; operators can quickly exchange different bowls and use included lids to prevent contamination when not in use
  • The inner bowl has a magnetic base so operators can use magnetic disc polishing cloths; there is no need to apply PSA cloths directly to bowl
  • A special inner ring easily snaps into place; this secures the polishing cloth and keeps the samples rotating on the cloth

Surface Guard Feature

Sometimes you aren't available to collect your samples at the end of the vibratory polisher procedure and that's when you need the Surface Guard feature

  • When activated, Surface Guard will continue to periodically vibrate after the program is completed to ensure that the samples do not stay in one place
  • This minimizes corrosion and/or crystallization of the sample surface if the operator is not present at the end of the procedure
  • Blue flashing light on control panel indicates that Surface Guard is activated and samples are vibrated every 4-5 seconds

Automatic Frequency Control

  • The vibratory polisher can be set to automatically select the optimal vibratory frequency (between 60-120 Hz) based on how much weight is loaded into the polishing bowl

Pre-installed Preparation Methods

  • The Saphir Vibro software includes pre-installed preparation methods and consumables to aid procedure selection
  • Operators have the option to add more consumables to the software and create their own protocols
  • Up to 200 programs can be stored in the software

Intuitive software on a color touch screen display

Mounted or Unmounted Samples

  • The large bowl can accommodate 300mm and 12" polishing cloths or other grinding/polishing media as desired
  • Operators can prepare up to 21 mounted specimens, an entire sample holder, large unmounted parts or a combination of all in the vibratory polisher
  • A leveling plate, and a variety of weights and sample holders (Ø 25-50 mm) are available to aid in preparation

Additional Vibratory Polisher Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Weighs only 100 lbs
  • Pivoting, transparent safety hood with soft close technology
  • Exhaust port for ventilation
  • USB port allows operator to save programs for backup or transfer to additional Saphir Vibros
  • Ethernet jack allows for remote diagnostics


The Saphir Vibro has a complete collection of accessories:

  • Sample holders
    • Ø 25-25.4 mm (1“), 300 g, additional weight 90 g
    • Ø 30-32 mm (1 1/4“), 220 g, additional weight 90 g
    • Ø 38-40 mm (1 1/2“), 550 g, additional weight 190 g
    • Ø 50 mm (2“), 360 g, additional weight 190 g
  • Levelling plate for samples Ø 25-50 mm, 1-2"


The Saphir Vibro is a vibratory polisher used to prepare samples to a sub-micron final finish for:

  • Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)
  • SEM inspection
  • Nano indentation
  • Micro indentation hardness testing


Working wheels:

Polishing bowl, 308 mm compatible with 300 mm or 305 mm (12") polishing cloths

Vibration frequency:

60 - 120 Hz

Communication Ports:

USB, Ethernet

Connection power:

0.25 kVA

Drive power:

0.135 kVA

W x H x D:

20 x 12 x 23 inches
510 x 300 x 590 mm


~99 lbs
~ 45 kg

Power Supply:

110V 60Hz, 1 Phase
220V 60Hz, 1 Phase