| Grinding/Polishing | SA560 Grinder / Polisher 10 - 12"

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Product Summary

The Saphir 560 Specimen Preparation System is a dual wheel, 12 inch format, semi-automatic machine that handles a variety of sample preparation tasks. The centrally mounted head can swing between wheels for multi-step operations.

The Saphir 560 features single and multiple sample modes of operation and variable speeds. Full preparation programming guarantees repeatability using the graphical touch screen control panel.

Through excellent engineering and design, the ATM Saphir 560 is easy to maintain and provides all the features that other machines consider options


Product Videos

If YouTube is blocked at your company we are pleased to offer you the option to view directly from magersci.com.

SA560 Overview (2 min 23 sec)
Take a quick look at the dual wheel version of the SA550. All the features are the same, except with the SA560, you get two working wheels.
SA560 Trailer (1 min)
Take a walk on Mager's creative side and watch our 1 minute movie trailier starring the new SA550/560 metallographic grinder polisher machine! Once you're fully intrigued, you can move on to the full, online demo below!
SA560 Online Demonstration (15 min)
Watch a detailed and thorough online demo of the new SA550/560, presented by Garry Poirier of Mager Scientific. This video will answer ALL your questions about this fantastic metallographic grinder polisher machine!
Sample Holder Videos

If YouTube is blocked at your company we are pleased to offer you the option to view directly from magersci.com.

ATM Pneumatic Sample Leveling Press (1 min 30 sec)
Take a look at the Pneumatic Sample Leveling Press by ATM. This device helps with that tricky problem of getting all your samples level in a sample holder by using 90 psi pressure to keep that sample in place! Level samples means less grinding time, saving you time and consumables.
Custom Sample Holders (2:18)
See examples of custom sample holders manufactured by ATM. Let us know if you're interested in designing one of your own to maximize the throughput and efficiency of your lab.
Easy Spanner Sample Holder (1:09)
Locking and unlocking your sample into the holder just got a lot easier. Watch how now!
The Vario Sample Holder (2:06)
The Vario sample holder is designed to give you maximum flexibility for working with large, unmounted samples. See how easy it can be!

Built for Throughput

A powerful belt-driven wheel and sample mover head can handle large sample sizes or a high volume application.

Intelligent Software

Electronically regulated pneumatic sample loading ensures the correct sample grinding and polishing force.


  • Automatic Disc Cooling
  • LED Illumination
Wheel / Disc Size:
250, 300 mm / 10, 12"
Wheel / Disc Format:
Plain, Magnetic Disc, VacuJet
Wheel Speed:
50 - 450 rpm, Variable
110 V / 60 Hz, 1 Phase
220 V / 60 Hz, 1 Phase
W x H x D:
40 x 26 x 29"
260 lbs
Automatic Diamond Dosing
Controlled Removal
VacuJet System
SystemLab Furniture

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