| Mounting | OP480 Mounting Press ∅ 50 - 70mm

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Product Summary

The Opal 480 is a sturdy and powerful metallographic mounting press with easily interchangeable cylinder sets and full process programmability. Only the Opal 480 has the ability to make mounts up to 70 mm in diameter or rectangular mounts. A robust 4 HP motor provides the necessary power to make large mounts.

Intermediate ram allows for dual mounting. When combined with Mager's complete line of mounting resins, the Opal 480 can produce the largest mounts available with excellent results.


Product Videos

If YouTube is blocked at your company we are pleased to offer you the option to view directly from magersci.com.

SystemLab Featuring OP460 & OP480 (4 min 42 sec)
Take an up close look at the floor model mounting presses (referred to as SystemLab), including the Opal 460 and Opal 480 mounting presses.
ATM OP480 Mounting Press (1 min 37 sec)
Get to know the Opal 480 Mounting Press. Make mounts up to 70 mm in diameter or rectangular mounts!


  • Unique Cylinder design prevents seizure by allowing out-gassing during resin melt
  • EasyGlide sliding closure works with the mold cylinder for automatic operation, eliminating cross threading or binding common with other designs
Mold Sizes:
50 mm (2") Round
60 mm (2.4") Round
70 mm (2.75") Round
30 x 60 mm Rectangular
40 x 60 mm Rectangular
4 HP
Specify Voltage, 60 Hz, 1 Phase
Heating System:
4 x 630 Watt
Temperature Range:
0 - 200° C / 0 - 390° F
Heating Timer:
1 - 30 Minutes
Hydraulic Pressure:
0 - 300 bar
Cooling Timer:
1 - 30 Minutes
W x H x D:
16 x 18 x 20"
150 lbs
Recirculation Coolant System

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