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Product Summary

The Brillant 250 Cut Off Saw is the perfect combination of durability, elegant versatility and easy operation. A large 15 x 10" cutting table with 10 inches of travel allows large, complicated parts to be sectioned. The cutting table X and Y axis T-slot design accommodates a wide selection of clamping fixtures.

A 5.4 HP motor provides ample power for either 10" or 12" cut off wheels. The large, clear LCD display panel controls automatic operation; length of cut, feed rate and true 'pulse' cutting.

Product Videos

If YouTube is blocked at your company we are pleased to offer you the option to view directly from magersci.com.

BR250 Overview (3 min 21 sec)
The Brillant BR250 is our most popular tabletop metallographic cut off saw. It's the perfect blend of precision, versatility and ruggedness for your lab.
BR250 w/Auto Z-Axis & Rotavice (2 min 42 sec)
Watch how you can automate serial cutting with the auto Z-axis on the ATM Brillant BR250 cut off saw. Also in this video you can see the amazing Rotavice, which rotates your sample as it is cut, increasing the quality of cut.
Clamp & Vise Videos

If YouTube is blocked at your company we are pleased to offer you the option to view directly from magersci.com.

Easy Clamping System (1 min 27 sec)
Watch this ATM-produced video to see how easy it is to configure the Easy Clamping System to meet your clamping needs.
Easy Clamping System (1 min 30 sec)
Get to know the innovative Easy Clamping System for Cut Off Saws, designed by ATM GmbH. It's the perfect way to position your vises and attain the perfect cut.
X-Clamp (1 min 6 sec)
The X-Clamp is an excellent vise when clamping irregular parts within the cut off saw.
Fast Lock Vises (46 sec)
See the basic, yet highly functional Fast Lock Vises for cut off saws.
Cross Vise (37 sec)
View the Cross Vise by ATM GmbH, for use in metallographic cut off saws. Presented by Mager Scientific.
Vertical Clamp With Height Extenders (47 sec)
Easily adjust the height of your standard vertical clamp with ATM GmbH's Easy Base and Height Extenders
Vertical Spanner Clamp (1 min 5 sec)
The vertical spanner clamp is a must-have if you are sectioning rings or other specimens that have a ring shape.
Small Bar Stock Clamp (37 sec)
Rotatable clamp designed for small diameter bar stock.
Vertical Clamp With Bar Supports (26 sec)
Supports are available to help keep bar stock in position during the cut.
Custom Vise or Clamp (57 sec)
ATM can help your dream become a reality with a custom made clamp!


Controlled feed rate maintains constant rate of cut for deformation free sectioning.


Manual override for table movement and vertical wheel position makes part positioning and quick manual cuts easy.


With the appropriate Mager cut off wheel and proper cutting method, perfect results can be achieved regardless of material type or sample shape.
Max Cut Capacity:
110 mm / 4.3" Diameter
Max Wheel Size:
300 mm / 12"
Arbor Size:
32 mm / 1¼"
Table Size:
380 X 250 mm / 15 x 10"
12 mm T-slot
Table Movement:
250 mm / 10" Travel
Wheel Movement:
125 mm / 5"
6 HP
Specify Voltage, 60 Hz, 3 Phase
W x H x D:
33 x 27 x 27"
290 lbs
Recirc System:
45 L / 12 Gallons

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