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Mager Scientific offers a wide selection of cut off machines made by ATM GmbH. From precision diamond saws to manual chop saws, tabletop, or free standing floor models, we have a saw that fits your needs. ATM offers a wide variety of options on many saws, such as: laser alignment, automatic Z-axis, pulse cutting and serial cutting. Plus there is a large selection of vises to meet your clamping needs. Our sales specialists are always happy to answer any questions!

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BR200 Manual Cut Off Saw 10"

The Brillant 200 Cut Off Saw is the ideal choice for a basic but rugged metallurgical saw with the capacity for sectioning long pieces. Constructed with a solid, welded aluminum frame the Brillant 200 is tough and corrosion resistant.

With a 10" cut off wheel the 5 HP motor provides a cutting capacity of 3.5" diameter cross section. Small volume labs will find the Brillant 200 is a superb choice for a manual cut off machine.

BR220 Precision Cut Off Saw 8"

Combining solid aluminum construction, a spacious cutting chamber and the ability to make precision cuts, the Brillant 220 is the ideal wet abrasive cut off saw for a variety of metallographic applications.

A powerful 1 HP motor enables the user to cut through just under 3 inches of even the hardest material. The Brillant 220 can be fitted with either abrasive wheels or diamond wafering blades up to 8 inches in diameter.

BR230 Manual Cut Off Saw 12"

The Brillant 230 Cut Off Saw is the perfect choice when a simple laboratory grade saw is needed. A generous 15 x 10" cutting surface accommodates large pieces.

The front door slides open and side door swings ajar, providing room to manipulate and position awkward pieces. Left and right side ports can be opened for continuous cutting of long materials. A replaceable ceramic arbor protects the shaft.

BR240 Semi-Automatic Cut Off Saw 10"

The Brillant 240 is a metallographic wet abrasive cut off saw capable of semi-automatic or classic manual chop saw cutting.

A 10" (254 mm) cut off wheel allows samples up to 3.75" (95 mm) to be sectioned. A unique wheel guard rotates as the wheel is lowered to maximize cutting capacity and usage of the cut off wheel.

Automatic cross feed can be added for precise serial parallel sections.

Combine with the Easy Clamping System to maximize your efficiency.

BR250.3 Automatic Cut Off Saw 14"

The Brillant 250.3 is our largest tabletop abrasive cut off saw with a maximum 14" abrasive cut off wheel. This is an automatic precision wet abrasive cut off saw that work on the production floor or the metallurgical laboratory. Highly programmable with many features to help you automate your process.

BR255 Manual Cut Off Saw 14 - 16"

The Brillant 255 Cut Off Saw, with a spacious LED illuminated cutting chamber and left and right side openings, is an excellent manual option for sectioning long continuous objects.

The Brillant 255, built from solid welded aluminum plates and powered by a 10 HP motor mounted outside the cutting chamber, is made to handle demanding daily use. The manual, vertical wheel movement combined with manual, horizontal table feed, provides accurate, low deformation cutting.

BR265 Automatic Cut Off Saw 14 - 16"

The automatic feed Brillant 265 wet abrasive Cut Off Saw is designed for deformation-free cutting on larger parts. A variety of clamping options allows for handling of large, unique samples. Precise, automatic vertical wheel and horizontal table movements, combined with manual parts positioning with joystick control provides a variety of cutting modes.

With a spacious LED illuminated cutting chamber and optional side openings, the Brillant 265 is an ideal wet abrasive metallographic cut off saw for cutting long continuous objects. Built from solid welded aluminum plate and powered by a 10 HP motor mounted outside the cutting chamber, the Brillant 265 is made to be a workhorse in any lab.

BR275 Automatic Cut Off Saw 20"

The Brillant 275 Cut Off Saw combines the best design characteristics of ATM cut off machines with precision control, two-axis cutting movement. A 17" cut off wheel and a 20 HP motor provide the ability to cut a 6" round cross section.

Only the Brillant series offers cutting modes such as step, pulse, saw, orbital and wave that reduce the contact area of the cutting wheel for cutting very hard or large parts. The Brillant 275 is ideal for large part or high volume sectioning.

BR 3D Fully Automatic Cut Off Saw 20"

The Brillant 3D is a fully automatic cut off saw that takes automation far beyond simple parallel cuts. With the Brillant 3D automatic cut off saw, you clamp your part once, then design complex cutting sequences to achieve multiple sections in one cutting session.

BR285 Automatic Cut Off Saw 20/24"

The Brillant 285 Cut Off Machine combines industrial strength with precision control. A water-cooled 20 HP motor integrates into the swivel arm. Well-suited for 20 inch cut off wheels, the Brillant 285 has the ability to cut a 7+ inch round cross section. The cutting wheel optimizes automatic sequences, including serial cuts, with 21.5 inches of horizontal cross feed movement (Z-axis) available.

The Brillant 285 is the ideal choice for large part or high volume sectioning.

BR2000 Automatic Cut Off Saw 24/32"

The industrial wet cut-off saw Brillant 2000 meets the highest of demands on space available and possibilities for cutting with its innovative concept for design, construction and operation.

A water-cooled 30 kW main motor is integrated into the swivel arm and the automatic horizontal (X-axis) and cut-off cut (Y-axis) can reach up to 100 mm/sec. through highly dynamic axis drives in rapid-run.

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