The Saphir X-Change is a fully automatic grinder polisher that provides repeatable results and is designed to fit in any sized lab.

Please enjoy our short video for a close-up look at the Saphir X-Change:

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Fully Automatic Grinder Polisher for All

The X-Change is based off the popular SystemAutomat automatic grinder polisher, but the X-Change has a much smaller footprint that can fit in any lab.

Comparison of an 8 station SystemAuto and the X-Change

Fast Operation

The X-Change is extremely efficient, quickly exchanging your grinding/polishing media while the samples are automatically being cleaned.


The X-Change features a 16 place elevator to house all your grinding and polishing media:

  • Compatible with magnetic disc, plain backed or PSA backed consumables
  • Fast movement up/down
  • Removable and easy to clean
  • Durable aluminum construction

Grinding / polishing head

The reliable grinding/polishing head features:

  • 1 horsepower motor
  • Co-rotation or counter rotation of samples
  • Central pressure
  • Max sample holder diameter of 160 mm
  • Mounted or unmounted samples
  • Easy loading/unloading of sample holder

You can enter "Manual Mode" to move the grinding/polishing head to the side and manually grind or polish your sample if you need!

Cleaning Stations

The X-Change has two cleaning stations:

  • High pressure cleaning with water, compressed air drying and ethanol
  • Ultrasonic cleaning

Dosing Arm

The dosing arm has everything needed for full automation:

  • 4 diamond suspensions
  • 1 lubricant
  • 1 oxide
  • 1 water


The X-Change features convenient built-in storage of consumables made with durable, powder-coated aluminum.

Sedimentation Tank

Keep your drains clean with a convenient 45 liter sedimentation tank. Unique tank design allows for quick access and easy changing of filter bags.

Touch Screen Panel


Working wheels:

250 mm (10 in) diameter

Drive power:

1.1 kW S3/40%

Sample holder max diameter:

160 mm

Drive power polishing head:

0,17 kW S1

Speed (head):

30 - 150 rpm

Speed (grinder):

50 - 600 rpm

Controlled removal measurement (display accurancy):

0.01 mm

Water connection:

1x fresh water R½" max. 6 bar

Water outlet:

1x waste water DN50

Compressed-air connection:

6 bar. coupling connector NG8

W x H x D:

1320 (52 in) x 1500 (60 in) x 800 mm (31.5 in)